Banners & Logos

A selection of ICUK logos

ICUK Red Square Logo

Our traditional red square logo

Large Logo 256 x 256px

ICUK Logo 256px

Medium Logo 128 x 128px

ICUK Logo 128px

Small Logo 64 x 64px

ICUK Logo 64px

.ai logo

ICUK Text Logo

A transparent logo

Large Logo 256px

ICUK Logo 256px
ICUK Red Logo 256px

Medium Logo 128px

ICUK Logo 128px
ICUK Red Logo 128px

.ai logo

NOTE: Please use these logos on your website to help spread the word that you use ICUK's services. Choose whichever logo you like the best for your site. We do permit the change of colours, however you must not change the font, or stretch the image. To save these PNG files simply right click and select the option to save the image.