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Below we have put together a collection of customer comments from over the years. All comments listed are from emails we have without prompting or requesting. If you are a satisfied ICUK customer and would like like leave your own feedback please email in for inclusion on this page.

I am dealing with another hosting company trying to move a clients domain name away from them to ICUK - its painful dealing with them. I am constantly singing your praises to my clients and your support is the miles better than any other host I have dealt with. Keep up the good work guys!
January 2017

We have previously had all sorts of suppliers with various portals so it's refreshing we can do a lot in one place with you!
Charlie Buckley
January 2015

Congratulations on the new control panel. It now exceeds any reseller panel I have ever seen. Power to the resellers and all that. Well done it's a real credit to you.
CTR Services UK
January 2015

ICUK have been wonderful to us... rescued an entire site which was never in their brief, but oh so welcome. Would rate them as super heros!
October 2014

Just a quick note to let you know after transferring my services to you & moving my customers hosting accounts over to it (thanks for all the support and assistance you gave me It made the process so much easier) I decided today to go and show one of my customers their new control panel. He was that impressed how he could manage all of his services and see costs & renewals for everything. By the time I left he had asked me to transfer both of his phone lines and when his broadband contract is up he is moving that over too.
So with no sales talk your control panel has just won me 2 more phone lines and a broadband account just by having everything on one control panel. Keep up the good work & thanks for making the move to you so easy for me.
I would be confident enough to recommend your company to anyone. I have been reselling hosting for the last 10 years and been with several companies to do this none of them compare to your control panel, I am able to do everything myself easily. Needless to say I am really happy I decided to move to you.
CTR Services
May 2013

I have to same that the support team at ICUK at first rate. I would recommend your company to anyone - it is so refreshing in this day and age to get such prompt and good support from any company.
Mark Stavers
October 2010

I signed up to you as my broadband provider just over a month ago and have had no problems at all, in fact I've been very very impressed with EVERYTHING and would highly recommend your company!! I had a problem today so called and spoke to Niall, again I was impressed. Its a breath of fresh air having such a good company providing telecoms, keep up the good work and thank you.
Robert Smith
October 2010

Yet again ICUK have surpassed what should be expected in terms of customer service. Thank you very much!
Bernard McCabe
Warrington, July 2009

I have been with other resellers over a five year period and ICUK have impressed me extremely. Their support is second to none and the whole package is feature rich. I commend those who have put so many hours in to create such a product that in my opinion is at the top of its class.

I'd just like to say thank you to ICUK. Every time I've asked a question, or had anything to discuss with ICUK over the last year, I've always received a fast, polite, and informative reply. I get the feeling that nothing is too much trouble, and I can actually talk to people who know exactly what's going on.
Robert Newell
East Sussex, January 2009

Don't even know where to begin on how much your portal is a pleasure to use compared to my previous supplier. For a start you can see PSTN orders!
September 2015

I just wanted to let you know that I've used many dedicated, cloud and VPS servers as well as reseller plans and ICUK is one of the best I've come across so far. The control panel looks simple and easy to use, it almost looks basic but once you dive into it is feature filled and works seamlessly. I signed up simply because you have good customer service. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for being awesome.
K Maguire
April 2015

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your hard work with the portal, its getting better and better. I love the new SNR reset feature and also appointment checker not to mention the line stability options.

Thanks for listening to your customers feedback and keep up the good work.
Kevin Morgan
February 2015

I have been with ICUK for many years on and off and always return to them. Why you may ask? They are extremely helpful, consistent and technically knowledgeable. If they can't do something they tell you why, instead of just saying no. Their service is top of its class and the products forever evolving. Most important of all, they listen to the customer. A 5 star service!
Chris Golden
Germany, March 2012

There is a fantastic difference between your service and 123-reg. You deserve a lot of credit for the excellent service you provide to your clients.
Bill Wilkins
Switzerland, November 2010

Just a quick email to express my thanks in yet another couple of years of fantastic service and a very professional level of service at every stage.
You have been and have remained the best company we deal with in our wide range of business services. You all need to be very proud in the level you have built the company. If more companies followed the example you set, then I am sure life would be a lot more chilled out.
I wish you all the best for the years ahead to come!
Brighton, September 2010

I can thoroughly recommend ICUK's services - just about the first company I've dealt with in ten years ferreting around the Internet to have effected a painless and cheap transfer of domain hosting services for me. I've had one or the other in the past, but never both together. Add very near 100% reliability since the transfer, and I can't fault them, really.
Geoff Campbell

That's what I like about ICUK, you've always got something being developed... and it does actually appear as a finished service / feature!

It is so rare in this day and age and especially in the communications sector (having been a customer with 4 other isps that were all shocking regarding customer service) to find a company that still prides itself on 1st class customer service with staff who are fully trained and know what they are talking about. In the short time I have been a customer I have been so pleased with the way I have been treated from the transition of migrating over to fast accurate problem solving.
January 2009

More important than anything to me is that ICUK respond to emails promptly and problems are dealt with in a short period of time. Having used other providers, I value the customer support. Other providers would do well to review their customer support policies.
Richard Daley
Norfolk, July 2008