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Resell line rental, wholesale calls, itemised billing and more...

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Telecoms Reseller

White label line rental and wholesale calls to resell

For full comprehensive information about the wholesale telecoms functionality please visit the Telecoms Reseller pages. Everything you see there is included within the All-In-One Enterprise Reseller.

Fully Itemised Calls
  • Design Your Own Tariffs
  • Fully Itemised Billing
  • No Minimum Call Charges
  • Call Connection Fee (optional)
  • Tier 1 Carriers
  • No third party billing platform required

Call Features
  • Online Call Records
  • Search / Interrogate Call Records
  • Graphical Statistics
  • Export Call Records (CDR)
  • Friendly Names
  • Printable Call Records

Line Rental
  • Analogue PSTN Lines
  • Digital ISDN2 & ISDN30
  • Residential & Business Lines Supported
  • BT Openreach Installed & Supported
  • Transfer Existing Phone Lines
  • Install New Phone Lines
  • Edit Lines, Features & Locations
  • Deliver Simultaneous Broadband
  • Complete real-time diagnostics
  • Select andf book fault appointments
  • Be notified via email of milestones

Fraud Protection
  • Around The Clock Monitoring
  • Daily & Monthly Call Alerts
  • Daily & Monthly Auto-Suspend
  • Set Customer Credit Limits
  • Outbound Call Barring

  • Obtain Line Installation Details
  • Find Address & Query Availability
  • Openreach Incident Notifications
  • Competitor Phone Bill Comparison Calculator

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