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All our reseller solutions housed in one platform and control panel

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Hosting + Internet
+ Telecoms

An unrivalled platform allow you access to all our wholesale solutions

  • Run your own ISP
  • Access xDSL and Fibre technologies
  • Design your own retail tariffs
  • Create unlimited Windows accounts
  • Pay a fixed fee, regardless of numbers
  • Professional unlimited email facilities
  • Create unlimited Linux accounts
  • House unlimited domain names
  • Sell line rentals and phone calls
  • White label throughout
  • 1 control panel to access everything
  • Your customers don't know about ICUK

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Resell ADSL & FTTx Broadband
Resell ADSL & FTTx Broadband

Our broadband reseller platform grants you the ability to access our wholesale broadband packages and prices. You can sell broadband, under your brand to customers. Our interfaces allow you to place and fully manage your orders, and access a portfolio of BT Wholesale and Cable & Wireless connection options.

Wholesale Broadband Functionality

Wholesale Telecoms
Wholesale Telecoms

We provide you with the facilities to enter the telecom market. You have the ability to sell Openreach based PSTN, ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 lines. Likewise the calls made on these lines will route from us, and to help manage them we provide fully itemised billing and tariff management tools. It's an incredibly powerful platform which sees you own the customer contracts, and thus add value to your business.

Wholesale Lines & Calls

Unlimited Linux Hosting
Unlimited Linux Hosting

Operating on the Ubuntu Linux platform, resellers can sell web hosting facilities on the Linux platform. This is the most popular hosting platform providing support for a wide range of scripts and databases including PHP, Perl and HTML. Unlimited MySQL databases can be created and managed through phpMyAdmin.

Linux Hosting Reseller

Unlimited Windows Hosting
Unlimited Windows Hosting

As an Enterprise Reseller you can create as many Windows hosting accounts as you like without additional charges. Our Windows platform supports scripting languages such as PHP, ASP and .Net, and you can provide support for Access, MySQL and MS SQL 2008 database.

Windows Hosting Reseller

Apply Your own Branding
Apply Your own Branding

In crowded market places your branding is important to enable you to be noticed and trusted. Everything you see for sale has been designed and developed in-house including our famous control panel. It is this panel, using a HTML template engine, allows you to rebrand everything your customer interacts with as your own. What's more, we don't charge you a penny to add your stamp to it!

Windows Label Branding Overview

Support your Own Customers
Support your Own Customers

As a reseller you are expected to manage your own customers. We provide you the tools and training to do so well, however in the event you have a fault or query which you cannot answer, we are available for you on the phone and via email. The first people you speak to are trained engineers without the need to press digits, or work your way through escalation processes. We provide you with quick, simple, and honest support.

Reseller Support

Step 1: Sign-Up Online

Sign-up to our reseller platform instantly

Choose either our monthly, quarterly or annual subscription charge. This allows you access to the Linux reseller hosting platform which includes:

  • Unlimited Linux websites
  • Unlimited Domain Parking and Email Only accounts
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Email facilities
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Access all the Broadband Reseller facilities
  • Wholesale Fax to Email and SMS features

The result is the ability for you to create your own Web Hosting Company. We provide you with a money back guarantee and instant access to our platform.


Step 2: Free Training

Hit the ground running with free one-to-one training

We want you to get the most from our platform, and for this reason we provide free training to all resellers and their staff. For the Linux reseller a visit to us isn't necessary with most of the common features and tasks being guidable over the phone within an hour. By the end of the training you will have a good understanding of how to navigate the panel to deal with day to day challenges.

Step 3: Unlimited Hosting

Host as many accounts as you like for a fixed fee

Some customers find the concept strange, but for a fixed fee you really can create as many accounts as you like on our platform. You'll find that once you have 6+ clients you may well be easily covering your subscription costs with us, and each new hosting account presents an increase in profits for your company. There are no catches or hidden costs. We clearly display to you all costs and are transparent with our policies.

Step 4: Invoice & Support

Bill and support your own customers

It is your responsibility to bill your customers and provide first level support. Our control panel has been designed to provide you with the tools and diagnostics that you will need. ICUK is available to you on the phone and via email for further assistance with faults, technical challenges and for advice.

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