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Pre-Sales Calculators

Quick, Accurate & Professional Telecom Quoting Tools

Comparing phone call costs and line rental charges can be a time consuming exercise that isn't guaranteed to lead to new business, no matter how tempting the proposition. To help reduce the time spent during this exercise, and ensure that what is presented to a potential client is accurate, we have developed tools to produce professional quotes within seconds armed with very basic data surrounding call spend and existing lines. Our calculators also extend to applications within the ordering placing phases of our control panel to ensure that unexpected charges do not arise.

Call Charge Comparison

Compare Phone Call Costs in Seconds

Armed with a customer's phone bill you should have enough data to either provide a like-for-like quote, or at least be able to show average per minute charges using this tool. Ideally a phone bill will show you a summary of destinations dialled, minutes consumed, and associated charges. Inputting this data into our calculator, selecting your own tariff to compare it to, and you can discover savings for your customer.

In the example below genuine data from a customer's phone bill has been entered summarising quarterly call charges, and compared to a retail tariff a reseller has designed. The calculator shows the average pence per minute costs for these calls with the existing supplier, taking into account call connection charges, any rounding of charges, or even free minutes. This is compared to the tariff you have selected, for an instant savings comparison. Here, we are showing a significant saving, probably as a result of short call lengths, and high call connection charges with the existing supplier.

The results can be exported using a branded PDF quote which can include your wording, styles and images. The idea being that armed with basic call summary data accurate comparisons can be made by your sales team in seconds ready to send to your customer in a professional manner for consideration.

Line Rental Comparison

Understand Existing WLR3 Lines & Associated Costs

Understanding phone bills can be hard enough for calls, but sometimes impossible to accurate compare line rental charges where detailed descriptions aren't provided. Our line rental comparison tool provides you with instant visibility of what an existing line is, as well as the associated costs to transfer and operate it.

Our tool makes use of the Openreach Obtain Installation Details check, and matches features and facilities to pricing from a wholesale and retail perspective. To use the tool, you simply need to know the details of an existing Openreach based main line number and associated postcode. The result will show you our wholesale cost, your retail price in accordance with the tariff you have designed and selected, along with the opportunity to remove or add features. Simply press the option to save as a PDF for an instant branded quote which provides your customer with an accurate quote, complete with your retail prices.

This tool extends beyond quoting to move existing lines. You can choose to select the option to include the option for new lines too. Should you be looking to move an existing line rental estate, or quoting for a new set of lines, this tool can provide your sales team with powerful and accurate pricing within seconds.

Placing Orders

Visibility of Wholesale Charges Prior to Submission

For maximum visibility, to avoid unexpected charges, we make sure that the wholesale costs associated with the orders you place with us are clearly seen before you press the button to submit. This applies to all types of line rental orders, broadband and web hosting. It's one of many small, yet significant, enhancements we have the ability to include as a result of in-house developing.