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Version 15 Updates

In Celebration of our 15th Year in Business

TalkTalk ADSL Now Live!
TalkTalk ADSL Now Live!

We have now completed our integration with TalkTalk Business for ADSL2+ LLU services.

  • o Unlimited usage products for Home and Business - available with or without our line rental.
  • o ADSL2+ prices start from £10 per month.
  • o Premium ADSL2+ with prioritised traffic and enhanced care from £15.
  • o All products are ADSL2+ (no ADSL Max equivalent offered).
  • o FREE activation on 1 and 12 month contracts.
  • o FREE migration as standard with a minimum 1 month contract.

Network, IP addresses, authentication, account, billing and support elements are all managed by us - we are simply tapping into TalkTalk's infrastructure in over 3000 exchanges across the UK.

FREE Phone Line Installation + FREE Broadband Activation Offer
FREE Phone Line Installation + FREE Broadband Activation Offer

If your line rental is ordered through us in combination with a TalkTalk simultaneous provision, you would qualify for our free line rental installation offer. This effectively means you pay nothing for the installation of the line and the broadband, subject to a 12 month contract. However, please note - this offer excludes any additional Time Related Charges that may be raised by Openreach.

In addition to the above, all PSTN line rentals ordered in this way are with Openreach directly; they are not placed on the TalkTalk LLU platform - only the broadband element is unbundled. Effectively, broadband is provided on an SMPF basis, not MPF where both line and broadband have been unbundled.

In order to qualify the following two points must be satisfied:

  1. The line rental must be an Openreach line supplied by ICUK as a new PSTN installation (migrations and restarts of stopped lines do not count).
  2. The broadband must be a TalkTalk (Standard or Premium) ADSL connection, supplied by ICUK on a simultaneous basis. If the broadband is ordered after the line, the office cannot be applied.

FTTC Self-Install
FTTC Self-Install

BT Wholesale announced in the past few weeks that the Basic Managed Installation option for FTTC would be withdrawn from service on the 13th March 2016. However, it would appear that Openreach engineers have been incorrectly told not to supply the traditional Openreach ECI modem that connects the FTTC telephone socket to the end user's router prior to the planned cut off date.

Because of this, and to help avoid missed appointments, and the inconvenience of having to wait for an engineer to install the service, all new FTTC orders will be placed on a self install basis. Customers will need to supply their own VDSL Openreach approved router/modem and no engineer will visit the premises to install the service or change the faceplate of the master socket. Details of approved hardware will be presented to resellers when ordering the FTTC self install service in our Control Panel.

Non-approved routers, which have a WAN port, should also work, but Openreach cannot provide guarantees regarding reliability of service or the ability to complete diagnostics fully.

Any existing orders in progress will not be affected, however, we must alert you that engineers, despite raising the issue with Openreach and BT Wholesale directly, may not supply your end user with a modem, and we advise all customers to consider opting for a VDSL router/modem when purchasing hardware for this service.

In addition to this, we are pleased to announce that the activation charge for the 12 month contract on FTTC has been reduced from £80 to £54 with immediate effect, and helping to avoid to previously announced price increase which was set to take effect from 1st January for managed installs. Products ordered on an 18 month contract will continue to have free activation.

Hosting File Manager
Hosting File Manager

We have introduced a file manager for Linux and Windows shared hosting. It allows resellers, and customers, the ability to view and edit files online through the control panel interface without the need to FTP. In summary the facilities is provides are:

o Create / remove directories
o Create / remove files
o View file information for one or multiple files
o Copy, move, rename and delete files or directories
o Compress and extract files
o Upload and download options
o Text editor with support for nearly 50 script languages
o View of current path
o Large icon and list views of files
o Responsive design

Cease Line + Cease Broadband Together
Cease Line + Cease Broadband Together

Previously if you wanted to cease a phone line and broadband, our standard advice was to cease the broadband first, allow it to complete, and then place a secondary order to cease the line. This often lead to situations where phone lines remained live because someone forgot to complete the next part.

We have now simplified the process, so if you now cease a phone line, which has broadband associated, you will see a warning confirming any cease costs / breaking contract penalties, and can proceed to place one cease for both elements.

Version 14.2 Updates

Summary of our latest minor release

ICUK Accepts Payment By Direct Debit
ICUK Accepts Payment By Direct Debit

We are pleased to announce the launch of Direct Debit as a payment mechanism available to all ICUK resellers who have traded with us for more than 6 months. Instead of paying via card or BACS we can simply take payment from your bank in an automated manner. Setting up a Direct Debit mandate is easy, and actioned via your control panel. We have two collection options, of which one has already been pre-assigned to your account, and will be shown when you setup a Direct Debit mandate.

Weekly Collections
For new resellers switching from card payment to Direct Debit you are likely to see an option for Friday collections. Each Friday we will run a statement showing what we will be collecting the following Friday from your account. This can allow you access to 7 to 14 day credit terms depending on when an invoice is raised.

Last Day of the Month Collections
For larger and more estabished resellers you will see an option which allows collections to be made on the last day of the month. On the 15th of the month we will issue you a statement for all transactions from the 15th of the previous month. This will be collected on the last working day of the current month. Invoices raised after the statement (eg 16th onwards) will be including in the next months statement allowing you typically to benefit from between 15 and 45 day terms.

Online Statement
Visit the Invoices page within your control panel and at the top of an Direct Debit enabled account will be a statements link. This allows you to easily see upcoming (ie we have yet to send a statement for, but you do have a running total of what is set to be charged), current (ie a scheduled collection date has been set), and completed (ie amounts we have collected along with a view of the items that made this charge). This is designed to give you maximum visibility at every stage so you can be confident in our ability to collect correctly and on time.

TalkTalk Leased Lines
TalkTalk Leased Lines

TalkTalk is the third carrier in our ethernet portfolio. We have selected TalkTalk owing to the size of their LLU foot print which presents a complimentary technology to BT's exchanges and Virgin's fibre footprint. In comparisons, TalkTalk should deliver cheaper prices in about 40% of quotes raised. We are able to offer Fibre, GEA (which they call Ethernet over FTTC), and EFM. Their logo will appear when raising quotes.

For customers who are concerned about TalkTalk's recent breaches publicised in the press, it is TalkTalk Business we are working alongside for this connectivity which wasn't affected. If we were in any doubt about security or reliability, they wouldn't appear in our portfolio.

We have further announcements about other TalkTalk products set of integration in January. Further emails will be issued once these products are live.

Virgin Media Ethernet Sale
Virgin Media Ethernet Sale

Virgin Media have provided us discounts for on-net quotes which we are passing directly to resellers which will run until 31st January 2016. We have seen savings of up to 40%! An on-net order is when Virgin already have network infrastructure in the area and a third party carrier isn't required for all or part of the tail.

Off-net quotes are now highlighted with an exclamation mark to show that a third party is being used by Virgin to deliver this tail. In the majority of instances where Virgin are using a third party you may find a quote from BT or TalkTalk to be cheaper.

WHOIS Privacy Visibility
Invoicing Platform: GoCardless Export Facility

From the feedback received from our Invoicing Platform customers, it seems that GoCardless has been the payment provider of choice. As such, we developed tools to help export payment data once invoices have been raised.

Payment References
Edit a customer, and there is a new reference field available called 'Payment Reference'. In order to be able to export data for use in GoCardless, this field will need to be completed with the GoCardless reference for this customer.

Export Customers
To help you share customer data from our panel, to pass to GoCardless, a CSV export facility is available. Any customers you upload to GoCardless via this facility will be emailed by GoCardless requesting a Direct Debit mandate be completed, so make sure you only include customers who need this sent out.

Export Payment Data - By Customer
This facility combines the amounts of all the outstanding invoices raised against a customer allowing you to raise a Direct Debit instruction to collect the amount as one figure. The export will only work for customers with a 'Payment Reference'. Download, and import to GoCardless. The payment collection date will reference the credit terms you have associated to the customer, however you can adjust this prior to upload.

Export Payment Data - By Invoice
As an alternative, you can export data based on invoice. This may mean that a customer will see multiple Direct Debit transactions, however they will tally up to the invoices raised, so easier to understand.

Invoicing Platform: Improvements
Invoicing Platform: Improvements

Mark Multiple Invoices as Paid
For invoices marked as outstanding, and unpaid, there are now tick box facilities allowing you to select multiple and mark them as paid. Previously this was only achieved by actioning the update one at a time.

New Navigation
At the top of all key pages within the Invoicing Platform section links to the core pages are provided along with the search facility and quick links to raising a new invoice.

Export Payment Data / Payment Reference
As per the annoucement above, we have provided the ability to easy export payment data to integrate initially with GoCardless which seems to be the most popular payment platform. We are happy to look at providing similar export facilities to meet other gateway requirements, simply get in touch with us to discuss who you are using and the format required.

Non-ICUK Tariff
Visit the 'tariffs' section of your reseller control panel and a new 'Non-ICUK Tariff' facility exists. Based on a suggestions you can place additional products and services you sell. When raising a quote or invoice, these items and prices set can be referenced. It is not possible to include these within the combined invoicing platform at this time.

Version 14.1 Updates

Summary of our a November 2015 release

>Mapping & Exchange Data
Mapping & Exchange Data

Broadband Overview
To aid with visibility of the broadband connections you have, and their locality within the UK, we have added a new facility to the Broadband Tools. It plots all your connections, shows session status (green = online, red = offline), and allows you to plot known major service outages and planned engineering works. If you zoom into an area you also have the ability to plot exchange data. We hope that this will help provide you a valueable insight into your connection spread and online status'.

Manage Broadband Connection
Edit a broadband order and additional mapping is provided plotting both customer and exchange locality, along with confirmation of session status. Sadly we are unable to access data surrounding cabinet locality or routing to be able to show anything more detailed. However, should that data become openly accessible then we are ready to extend this functionality.

Manage Line Rental
In much the same as we have offered for broadband, if you manage a line rental order via the control panel the customer location and serving exchange are mapped.

Manage Leased Line Order
With leased lines we are able to plot B-End points with connections requiring Internet access, and A-End and B-End points with point-to-point applications. As not all suppliers are able to confirm exchange routing this has been omitted at this time.

We look forward to extending functionality of these maps should it be feasible to source additional data.

Control Panel Global Search
Control Panel Global Search

At the top of your control panel is a new search facility (search icon next to 'help') which allows you to locate almost anything within your reseller account with ease. Everything from keywords, to usernames, customer names or phone numbers can be located with ease. The search is completed quickly, based on indexed data loaded every 5 minutes. As such if you place an order, and then search for it, don't expect the search to pick up on it immediately. Allow up to 5 minutes for the index to update.

Presenting Results
Results are presented to you in order in which our scripts believe to be most relevant to you based on a scoring system. Each result has a symbol to represent the category or facility it is associated with to help avoid this turning into a long string uninviting text. Results can be limited further using tabs provided to separate the data displayed.

Unverified / Suspended Domain Visibility
Unverified / Suspended Domain Visibility

WHOIS accuracy and validity is an area which is under increasing scrutiny as the industry is moving towards greater self-regulation, helping ensure that domains we visit are trustworthy. To aid visibility of those domains which have not met the stricter rules of Nominet, or basic verification processes of ICANN, we have introduced a new tab to the domains list showing 'Unverified / Suspended' domains.

If you click on 'manage' next to a domain name in an unverified or suspended state, advice is provided as to what may be the problem, and what to do in order to solve the issue.

WHOIS Privacy Visibility
WHOIS Privacy Visibility

WHOIS privacy is a service availble to the majority of Top Level Domains (TLD) such as .com, .net, .org and the new range of Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) such as .london, .actor and .xyz. Until now visibility of domains with this service enabled was only accessible by managing the domains individually. The changes introduced present an icon next to each domain in the domains list, where WHOIS privacy has been enabled.

New REST API Requests
New REST API Requests

We have extended the REST API requests to feature domain name requests, KBD broadband diagnostics and SMS sending. In summary the additions include:

- Knowledge Based Diagnostics (KBD)

- Outbound SMS Sending

- Register domain
- Create domain contact
- Domain availability
- Domain extensions
- Domain wholesale pricing
- List domains
- List expiring domains
- Renew domain
- Auto-renew control
- Retrieve / update contact
- Add / remove domain lock
- Update name servers
- Enable / disable WHOIS privacy
- Update IPS Tag
- Retrieve authorisation code (EPP and AuthInfo)
- Retrieve WHOIS information

Version 14 Updates

Continuous development based on customer feedback & suggestions

We are pleased to announce the release of version 14 of our in-house developed reseller control panel interface. This latest major release is the result of 10,000's of lines of code and countless hours from our development team, featuring some fairly significant and game changing facilities in our industry. Many of these additions are as a result of customer feedback.

New Control Panel Authentication
New Control Panel Authentication

The login page for the reseller and customer control panels has changed. We have switched the authentication system to use a cookie based solution. In doing so we have been able to bring about the following changes:

  • Login page is now template driven, you can apply your branding.
  • Resellers can now integrate the login forms into your own website
  • Resellers can set the duration of control panel sessions
  • Helps address known issues with Chrome users unable to logout successfully

We hope that this new authentication solution helps solve known limitations of the older solution, and that the new addition of being able to deliver a branded interface that your customers can have increased confidence in using.

Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)

We have developed a new system allowing you to collect and manage sales leads data. It is available for free to all our resellers as part of our commitment to see you fulfill your full potential. The CRM allows you to:

  • Create companies as prospective sales leads
  • Associate contacts to this company
  • Create opportunities linking a company and contact to it
  • Create activities to help remind you to chase leads
  • Access a calendar view of your available leads
  • Integrate with an existing Google calendar
  • Easily import existing CRM data from other platforms

Address Book
Address Book

As part of our commitments to data quality, and with the addition of the new CRM platform, as well as on-going pressures for WHOIS accuracy, we decided to take the opportunity to re-write our existing contact management facilities to unify it into a single system which multiple scripts and services could interact with.

Hover over 'customers' and you'll see a new 'address book' section. By creating a contact you can:

  • Use the contact as part of a domain name registration
  • Associate them with a customer
  • Add them as a contact as part of a sales lead with our new CRM
  • Choose to use them as an on-site contact as part of a telecoms or broadband order
  • See where a contact has been used
  • Update in services which feed from this contact information

By unifying the existing domain and customer contacts, we have tried to remove duplication of data. Should you update a contact all associated services will be reflective of this whether it be the WHOIS for existing domain names, or when it comes to placing a new order. You now have the one go-to place for all information relating to your customers and prospective customers.

Domain Name Improvements
Domain Name Improvements

Behind the scenes we have completed an overhaul of our domain registration procedures and interaction with registries. This has involved us re-writing lots of our backend code and using the latest API's available with us. Our aims for this update include:

  • Improved data collection & accuracy
  • Improved error checking to better comply with per registry rules
  • Integration with the Centralnic extending our domain range and adding automation
  • Integration with the updated address book system
  • Updates to contacts in the address book will automatically apply themselves to associated domains

Additional Reseller Users
Additional Reseller Users

We have introduced a new user system allowing you to provide additional users to access your main reseller control panel. These additional users can have permissions assigned to them allowing the main reseller user the ability to control what aspects of the platform are visible. For example, you may choose to limit staff access to just hosting, or you want them to see all facilities, with the exception of invoicing.

IMPORTANT: This is not designed to allow you to operate with sub-resellers. This system has been designed to allow you and your staff access to the reseller control panel without having to solely use one login credential.

Control Panel Logging
Control Panel Logging

All control panel activity is now logged and easily searchable through your reseller control panel. Activity completed by the main reseller user, additional reseller users, and customers is retained.

The logs can be limited to actions or include page access. A message explaining the action undertaken along with confirmation of the user and their IP address is shown. This can help improve security, and help explain what changes were made and by whom.

Simplified Reseller Menu
Simplified Reseller Menu

We know that our reseller platform is expanding, and the number of options appearing ever increasing. We have spent considerable time putting thought to a simpler design to reduce clutter and make the experience more intuitive. Simply put we have:

  • Reduced the main menu options from 8 to 6
  • Our core offering of Web Hosting, Broadband and Telecoms are clearly shown
  • Each core offering has it's own menu and associated tools
  • Elements previous found under 'logs' can be found with the corresponding product tools page
  • Customer management has been extended as a one-stop menu for all things customer related
  • To order new services, hover over the corresponding product type and click on the 'add' button

Simplified Asset to Customer Assignment
Simplified Asset to Customer Assignment

We are more than aware that the process of assigning a web hosting or broadband account wasn't as logical as it should have been. You created your account, and then had to visit the 'customers' section in order to create an association.

To correct this, when you now place an order, and select a customer, that association is automatically made and the customer will see this product in their control panel (if you have issued a login). This avoids the need to visit the customer section to create an association. All existing mappings have been kept.

In order to help tidy assignments, we have extended a facility to all, which was previously limited to customers who use our invoicing platform, called 'Asset Assignment'. This allows you to see every hosting account, broadband account and line, allowing you to quickly associate a customer and tariff within seconds.

For customers who were using the legacy reminder system, whereby automated emails are sent when an account is due for renewal, can still access this. Next to each customer is a new button for managing these. It is no longer mandatory for you to use this, as it was with the old asset assignment process. This should help remove confusion for resellers who didn't want to make use of this, and simply put false dates into it.

Wider Range of Leased Line Routers
Wider Range of Leased Line Routers

We have a wider range of free and paid for routers to accompany our fibre leased lines. All routers can be supplied configured, will be managed, and we handle any replacements using stand-by units we keep in stock ready for next working day delivery.

Asset Assignment Available to All
Asset Assignment Available to All

The asset assignment page was exclusively for users of the invoicing platform. It is now available to all resellers providing you with a very quick mechanism to tidy up assignment of assets to customers and tariffs.

Improved WLR Pricing Pages
Improved WLR Pricing Pages

We have improved the WLR pricing pages to make them simpler to understand. We have removed complications caused with discontinued services and services which are rarely purchased. Descriptions have been added.

New FTTP Products
New FTTP Products

Openreach are continuing to roll our FTTP. The product portfolio now consists of 40Mbps, 80Mbps, 220Mbps and 330Mbps download speed options. All of which are supplied with an unlimited data transfer quota.

Easy 20CN to 21CN & FTTC Upgrades
Easy 20CN to 21CN & FTTC Upgrades

We have now made it easier for you to upgrade 20CN to 21CN and FTTC. You no longer need to place a new order to upgrade. Simply click on the modify broadband option and an upgrade to 21CN or FTTC button will be present if available to you. This is the same for 21CN to FTTC orders.

New Support Lounge Guides
New Support Lounge Guides

We have been adding to the Support Lounge guides. For example, we have new setup guides for POP3 and IMAP in popular mail clients, a guide to Asbestos Registers for leased lines, and helpful references for simultaneous broadband orders and engineer charges. Each addition has been marked as *NEW*.

Customer & Tariff Visibility
Customer & Tariff Visibility

When editing a web hosting or broadband account, it wasn't easy to see which customer they were associated with. We have now corrected this allowing you visibility and the ability to easily change it. Simply edit an account and it will be towards the top of the page.

Simplified Asset to Customer Assignment
Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and minor cosmetic tweaks have been applied across the platform. There are too many to mention here, however we welcome your feedback when things don't work or an error is encountered.