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Unique White Label Permission Based Client Portal

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Permission Controlled Customer Portal

Permission Based White Label Control Panel for End Users

The Customer Plus platform was designed with big business in mind. Take, for example, a traditional paper based phone bill. It may be of use to the head office, but difficult to understand and distribute within an organisation. This control panel allows end users, which may be hundreds in number, to be able to login and see their estate of a company, whether it be a selection of lines, broadband connections or web hosting. Permissions can be set on what they can see and interact with, providing the client with shared visibility, and for our resellers a very special interface delivering real competitive advantage.

Unlimited Accounts

Empowering Organisations

There are no limits to the number of Customer Plus users that can be created. We have designed this to be incredibly flexible allowing resellers to drill down and limit visibility to what the user actually needs to see. The idea behind this control panel concept is to encourage accountability within a large organisation. Each member of staff can see the assets at their disposal with an aim of keeping on top of expense and justifying the need for subscriptions.

Assign Assets

Controlling Asset Visibility

Control panels don't need to be overwhelming, they can be used to channel focus. As a reseller you can specify the assets that a customer can see. The assets available to you are all hosting, broadband and telecommunication services you have purchased from ICUK within your portal. Simply tick the boxes as to what you would like each user to be able have visibility of.

Permissions Per Asset

Enabling Asset Facilities

By selecting an asset you grant visibility to the user of this within their Customer Plus control panel. The permission control facilities allow you to specify what they can and cannot interact with. If you don't choose to enable a particular permission, the user simply won't see this option appear. There is nothing more frustrating to feel that you are missing out with a 'diabled' feature, so by simply not providing the icon in the first place, the user needn't know their visibility is restricted.

Unlimited Levels

Scales Within an Organisation

This facility can be scaled to infinite levels within an organisation. Already in use with some of the worlds largest organisations, they have been able to identify hundreds of access levels which simply wouldn't have been possible with a single portal interface, or more traditional communication channels such as paper based bills. Imagine a situation where each department can see their phone lines, or each store within a chain see their broadband usage, and yet allowing senior managers visibility over their entire estate - all of which looking to justify usage, expenditure, and moving towards cost savings. Hopefully you can appreciate why this inclusive facility has become a significant sales tool for lots of our resellers.

Impersonation & Logging

Providing Assurance & Replication

The impersonate facility is allows as reseller to be able to login and see what the customer does. This can provide reassurance that sensitive data isn't on display to a particular user, as well as being able to provide first class levels of support by viewing a the customer does. Once complete, simply end impersonation and return to the reseller interface.

All interactions with the portal by both the reseller and end user are logged to provide security and visibility of changes made.

White Label

Delivering Your Brand to Your End User, Not Ours

The portal design, as with the standard Customer Control Panel is template driven. What this means is that when your end user logs in they can see a familiar design, mimicing your website design, if you choose. The colours, stylesheet, layout, links, and logo are within your control ensuring your customers receive a professional and seemless branding experience from you. You certainly won't appear as a reseller, with no links or references to ICUK throughout. Having started life as a reseller ourselves, we do appreciate how important maintaining credibility as a white label provider can be.