Website Integration

Allow Website Visitors To Generate Leased Line Quotes

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Website Quoting

Allow Customers to Generate Instant Leased Line Quotes

Our quoting tool provides you, as a reseller, and your staff the ability to instantly generate quotes and take educated decisions on what prices should be passed to consumers. However, you may like to consider ways to speed up this process by allowing customers to run their own quotes. This free tool makes use of our REST API. We provide all the code you need with examples in C# and PHP, ready for you to adapt, change and integrate into your own website.


It All Starts With A Postcode

The first element you need to capture is the B-End postcode. From here we can feed this to the second page where we prompt for an address to selected which is a necessary step in order to obtain an accurate quote from some of our carriers.

Address Selection

Ensuring A Wide Variety of Accurate Quotes

The addresses presented feed from our own databases which are made up of data from Ordance Survey records. These in turn have corresponding references to our carriers ensuring that the price shown is accurate and shouldn't need to change post survey.


How Would You Like Your Leased Line Delivered?

In much the same way our quoting tool operates within the reseller control panel, you can now limit your search results on a multitude of options including the carrier used, bearer speed, delivery speed, technology used and contract length. You can choose to generate multiple quotes varying the options to find a solution and price which meets the visitors needs.

Capture Details

Providing You With A Warm Lead

There are two reasons to request this information. Not only can this script send a copy of the generated to your sales team as a warm lead to follow up on, a copy of the quotes generated can be emailed automatically to the customer for their reference. We recommend retaining this as a mandatory step.

View Quotes

All Quotes Based on the Specifications Selected Are Shown

There should be little hanging about waiting for results to populate, they have been already running in the background. All the specification options you have previously selected will now be shown as a list. The prices shown already include your margins based on an existing tariff in your reseller account.

View Quote

Providing A Complete Understanding

Next to each quote is a link to reveal a detailed view. This helps shown the price a new light confirming contractual details and a breakdown from an annual, quarterly, monthly and daily perspective to the customer. Remember, what they are seeing including your margin already applied. When a customer clicks to view a specific quote, it normally means that they have selected it as preferrable. A copy of which is again sent to your sales team as a warm lead, but this time with more focus on what they may be looking for.