Leased Line Quoting Tool

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Leased Line Quoting

Generate Branded Leased Line Quotes in Minutes

Our in-house developed leased line quoting tool has been designed to be so incredibly easy to use, quotes can be issued to your clients in minutes. It takes the traditional concept of quoting, and makes it effortless and fast. The primary function is to facilitate you with a wholesale cost. As a secondary function provide you can generate a retail, branded, quote for your clients. All within less than 60 seconds. Ready to place an order? Yes, you can do that too! Then you can track the order... and manage it. It's everything you could want from a wholesale leased line platform and more.

Line Type

Step 1: Select The Quoting Type You Require


Typically used to provide secure high speed links between two sites. Example applications include file sharing between site offices, or for the implementation of a secure communication channel for VoIP. The traffic doesn't touch the Internet ensuring visibility of data is limited to your network. We have a choice of 3 carriers to pick from including Openreach EAD circuits which can prove to be very cost effective for distances shorter than 40km.

With Internet Access

With Internet Access
Connected to the Internet through the ICUK network your connection will be supplied with uncontended bandwidth you can depend upon around the clock. A leased line with Internet access is the ultimate form of connectivity for your business regardless of size or location. We have a choice of 6 carriers and 4 types of leased line technology for delivery across the UK.

Resilient Quoting

Resilient Quoting
We can achieve resilience through a number of paths. We can look to take advantage of RO2 diversely fed Openreach fibres, or we can choose to make use of the multiple fibre providers we work with. Our resilient quoting tool presents all the options available to you for the address you select. You can be sure that the options presented achieve true resilience, and won't simply take the same path to to the same exchange or ICUK POP.

With Internet Access

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network arrangements can be ideal should you have multiple site / branch locations scattered around the country, whereby you want to connect them up to be able to access and share data readily. Connections which form part of an MPLS network can range from leased lines through to ADSL. Pricing up an MPLS network is made incredibly simple, and our staff are happy to discuss requirements to ensure that the delivered network will meet your needs.

Customer & Tariff

Step 2: Customer & Tariff Selection

An optional step is to map a customer and tariff to your quote. By doing this, not only is it easier to find quotes for said customer, but the prices presented also include your margins applied. This can make it easier for your sales teams to quote on the fly, or see margins available to play with.

Product Selection

Step 3: Speed, Delivery & Contract Options


Step 4: Understanding Your Quotes

Results will populate as we receive them from our carriers. Once all received we will make your life easy by highlighting the cheapest option in green. Clicking on a particular price will provide full details of the quote including a summary of costs and service agreements.

The example below is for a single circuit with Internet access, however we present our results for point-to-point and resilient access in the same manner. If you have selected to have broadband failover, this would also be presented in the results.

Saved Quotes

Step 5: Set Retail Pricing & Generate Branded Quote

All quotes are automatically saved and valid for 30 days. If you have selected to associate your quote to a customer, you can easily collate previous pricing for said user. Prices shown are our wholesale costs, but if you have chosen a tariff, then a secondary tab allows you to flick between wholesale charges and your retail prices.

Branded Quotes

Step 6: Instantly Provide a Branded PDF

The main aim of this tool is to allow you to very quickly and confidently generate quotes for your clients without the need to spend time drawing up a professional looking quote. Your quote can include multiple speed and carrier options, including backup or resilient connections, and all prices can be amended prior to generation. This facility simply means the time from quote to submission can be completed a matter of a couple of minutes.

In terms of branding, here is what you can control:

  1. Logo
    Specify a URL for your logo to include. This can either be a high resolution JPG or PNG, or for best reproduction use an SVG which will work perfectly on a PDF.
  2. Quote Text
    The text below the quote results can be your own. We provide you a text box you can enter your own wording which can be applied by default to all quotes, or specific for this customer. The text can be altered further with the use of basic HTML tags.
  3. CSS Styles
    All elements within the quote are controlled using CSS styles. By adapting our standard styles you can apply changes to the colours, fonts and font sizes to name a few.