Reseller Users

Permission Based Access for Your Staff

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Permission Controlled Reseller Access

Unlimited Logins for Your Staff to Access the Reseller Interface

The Reseller User facility is designed to compliment the main reseller login. As opposed to using a single login for all staff, this facility allows you to create a unique user for each member. This can not only improve security, it can help channel visibility to pages that a member of staff needs to see, as well as providing documented evidence of actions and pages accessed via the logging page.

Unlimited Accounts

Providing Staff With Visibility

This facility is available as standard to all ICUK resellers. There are no additional costs regardless of the number of users you create. It is worth pointing out that this resource is not intended for you to setup reseller accounts below yours as this is against our terms, it is for the sole use of your staff only.

Permission Control

Apply Approriate Visibility

Our permission control has been designed to mimic our menu system. If you would like a member of staff to be able to view a particular element of the platform (eg hosting accounts) it is implied that you would like them to have control over all hosting accounts within your account. We don't allow the permissions to extend to specific accounts or actions within the account. For third parties, whom you would like to have restrictive administrative control over particular accounts or features we would recommend use of the Customer Plus portal which allows you to achieve this.


Providing Assurance & Replication

The impersonate facility is in place already allowing resellers the ability to login and see what a customer does. This can help aid understanding and allow you to offer guidance. The same has been applied to Reseller Users, where the main reseller account can impersonate and see exactly what the member of staff can. Any changes made whilst impersonating will be logged as the main reseller account.


A Powerful Tool for Security & Accountability

Portal security in any business is important, you want to know that login credentials haven't been compromised, and that you are aware of who is viewing pages or actioning changes. Our logging is available on both a global level across all Reseller users (and Customer Control Panels) or it can be limited to a specific login. You can limit visibility of logs to purely 'action' requests (eg account creation, broadband order, or password change), or you can extend it to include page views (eg Sarah viewed the broadband logs for user abc123). Search facilities are also including allow you to restrict your view further.