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White Label Speed Test

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White Label Speed Test

Intelligent Speed Test for ICUK Reseller Use

To ensure accurate speed test results are captured and associated to faults we have developed our own speed test facility. Once run the results will automatically log against the associated circuit. This aids visibility to all parties and helps ensure logs don't need to be kept. What's more, that once run, leave the speed test open in a window and it will auto-run every hour for the following 24 hours, allowing us to cature a window of results to see if there are time related factors to consider. The tester can be branded by the reseller including the URL and template design, at no additional cost.

  • Rebrand as your own
  • Works only on ICUK supplied circuits
  • Supports speeds up to 10Gb
  • Helps avoids the need for 3rd party testers
  • Automatically logs results against circuit
  • Auto-runs every hour for 24 hours
  • Graphs helps spot patterns
  • Mini utilisation graphs help spot bandwidth utilisation
  • Raise faults utilising these results

Speed Test Logging

Results Visibility