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Web Hosting Screenshots

Core functions for Windows, Linux and domain name hosting


Shared Hosting

Reliable, Clustered Shared Hosting Controlled With Ease

ICUK has been building its own control panels since 2003, so the facilities you see were not written by a third party, or exist as a hybrid of a third party application; instead, they are the result of millions of lines of code developed in-house to provide our resellers with automated control over their accounts from a scripting, resource and email perspective. Below are examples of the facilities available when managing Linux, Windows or Email Only accounts.


Virtual Private Windows & Linux Servers

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) can be ordered and managed within minutes through the control panel. You can choose from Windows and Linux operating systems either with or without our control panel enabled. If the control panel is enabled, then you can setup and manage accounts on your VPS with little or no prior experience of managing a server.

Dedicated Servers

Powerful Control Panel, Without Additional Subscription

Our dedicated servers can be supplied as a bare bones machine with just an operating system, or they can be supplied managed with our own custom configuration and control panel installed without additional charge. Our control panel is the main reseller interface, it simply communicates with your dedicated server(s) via an API. By acting in this manner both yourself and your customers only ever need to interact with a single control panel to manage multiple dedicated servers. Below are screenshot examples for Linux and Windows accounts setup on dedicated servers, along with example live statistics for the machine itself.

Domain Names

Visibility & Control to Register or Transfer Domains

Registering, transferring and managing domain names is made easy through our control panel. We provide checker tools allowing you to check availability (also available via our API for integration into your website). Once registered or transferred in, every element of control you could want is available to you without the need to request our staff to action change. This includes control over contacts, locks, IPS Tags and EPP codes. Our pricing is competitive and applicable to registrations and renewals, free from gimmicks or hidden costs.

Spam Filtering

Helping Reduce Spam & Virus Levels in Your Mailbox

We have developed spam filtering solutions suitable for clients utilising our shared mail platform, or where delivery of filtered mail needs to be sent externally (eg to an Exchange server). Our subscription charges are simple annual subscriptions and are not associated to the number of users or amount of mail filtered. They are accurate, and provide users with the ability to tweak the senstivity and toggle what checks to complete, and importantly how to handle suspected mail.