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Reseller Service Status

View Our Service Status & Subscribe For Updates

Our reseller service status page sits outside of our network, and allows resellers to see any known issues or planned engineering works within our control. As a reseller, you can subscribe to email and SMS alerts without additional cost, we'll simply message you when issues arise and as they progress ensuring that all hours you can be confident that our systems are functioning correctly.

  • External to the ICUK network
  • Real-time visibility of known issues
  • Access all historical incidents
  • Subscribe for free to Email & SMS alerts
  • Select what platforms to receive notifications for
  • Rebrand and share with your customers

White Label Status

Rebrand For Your Clients

In addition to the interface for use with resellers, we offer a cut-down version for resellers to rebrand and use with their own clients. It doesn't feature email and SMS feeds, but does show a live view of known issues on the platforms you want your customers to see (eg you can choose to hide 'web hosting' if this isn't a resource you consume from us). All updates applied at the same as on the reseller orientated version, and are kept generic with no references to ICUK. There are no additional costs to access this, including the ability to rebrand.