Reseller Branding

Personalise Your Customer's Control Panel & More

As a reseller we respect that you want to sell the products and services we provide you with as your own. Our unique control panel design allows you to apply your brand, not ours. Not only will you be providing them with a single interface to manage connectivity, telecoms and web hosting, you can make the branding experience seamless from your website, not a disjointed mis-match of designs.

HTML Templates

Make the Client Control Panel Your Own

We didn't want to limit your control panel design to placeholders for images, restricting you to only pick from a selection of ready made templates, or proving you a selection of colour themes. To achieve these goals we designed a template giving you complete freedom over the core design. Images, CSS styles and the layout can be picked by you. The result can be a seamless experience from the site to the panel, thus presenting your customers will a better experience.

The following facilities can be fully rebranded using ready-made templates or your own HTML code:

  • Customer control panels
  • Login page to control panels
  • Service status page
  • Speed tests
  • Quotes (calls, lines & leased lines)

Bespoke CSS Styles

Ultimate Control Over Branding

We provide you a list of standard style names which must be used throughout your design. Keep the names the same, but add your personal touch. You can still add to these styles for use within the core template. The CSS styles can either be included within your HTML template code, hosted externally, or we can upload it onto our control panel for reference as a local file.

Include Your Images

Yet Another Level of Customisation

You can include your own images within the HTML template. Your company logo, additional images linked to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, are all possible. Later versions of the control panel will even allow you to replace our stand icon sets with your own images - completing your own branding experience.

Customisable Home Page

What are the Opportunities to Sell?

The text contained within the pages of the control panel cannot be customised, but then, why would you? The home page however can be customised allowing you to provide your customers with a bespoke and personal welcome. This can be used to promote offers your company is running perhaps, or just to confirm how they may contact you. It's a simple thing, but one that can help provide reassurance to the client that you are very much the provider and there if they need you.

Secure New Sales

By Presenting a Professional Image

We are hugely proud of the control panel we have created for your customers to use. We are also continuously developing it based on the feedback and suggestions we receive. If used correctly, with your own branding applied, the control panel can aid you as a tangible asset customers can relate and interact with, especially as some of these products and services are invisible or difficult for clients to understand. The simplicity and intuitive design helps them make sense of what they have purchased.

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