Inclusive Customer Relationship Manager

We developed in-house a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) for all our resellers to make use of within their own company. We did so, because we recognise that by better managing the leads you have, the more successful a reseller you can become. Afterall, our success as a business can only be achieved by providing you with the platform and facilities you need in order to secure and maintain new business.


Plan Who to Contact & When

We provide a calendar allowing you to track who to contact and when from your scheduled tasks. This can provide a great way to ensure that tasks aren't forgotten, but acted upon. You have an option integrate with an existing Google Calendar, allowing you to see other tasks alongside those linked to the CRM via the Control Panel.


Address Book of Company Leads

By creating a company you can link both individuals, opportunities and tasks. This can be quite a helpful element especially if your opportunities take time to secure, by which time individuals may have have joined and left, but the company and opportunity remain. It's not a manatory addition, so if your prospects are individuals, you can simply add them as a contact without a company being created.


Who are the Contacts That Matter?

Think of the contacts list as an address book. You can store information about your prospect including how they prefer to be contacted and any additional notes to ensure that you reach them in the most appropriate manner and time.


What are the Opportunities to Sell?

Opportunities are the sales you are aiming to secure. You can associate multiple opportunities with your contacts and companies, ensuring that you can tackle them on a case by case basis with the right individuals. You can rank the stage of your opportunity allowing you to separate your hot leads, from those that are luke warm.


Keep on Top of the Opportunities

This is where you will spend most of your time. We have designed the tasks so that you can easily track the progress of your opportunities. You can easily identify contacts associated, and the contact you have made todate. It is this which feeds into the calendar helping you provide reminders of who to contact and when.

Data Import / Export

Move Existing Data In & Out of the CRM

You may already be using an existing CRM. We have designed our system to very quickly import data associating your existing systems data columns with what our system terms the same thing. Within minutes you can important hundreds of records with confidence. Should you ever need to export the records you store with us, you are but a click away from a CSV download.

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