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Connectivity & Voice Network Overview

We've meticulously constructed our network and infrastructure from the ground up, prioritising resilience and high availability to offer both our customers and ourselves peace of mind. As our network expands and evolves, we consistently ensure over-capacity and maintain high availability to meet growing demands.

ICUK Connectivity & Voice Network Overview

At every point of presence on our network, there are at least two dedicated and geographically diverse fibres connecting them to other network points, guaranteeing an available routing path at all times. Our policy involves significantly underutilising network links, whether between PoPs, for peering, or from our Tier 1 transit providers. This approach ensures a substantial reserve of available capacity is consistently maintained.

All areas of the network employ at least N+1 redundancy. Should a device fail or experience an issue, be it a router or power feed, there will always be another to automatically pick up the slack. This approach ensures there is never a single point of failure for any aspect of the network.

The same strong focus towards high availability and removing all single points of failure is followed for our infrastructure. All services are clustered, and mirrored across multiple servers where applicable. This allows very fast failover and greatly minimises any downtime. Our applications are also designed with multi-zone functionality at their core, so they can run simultaneously at multiple PoPs to balance load, provide fail over and easily scale when needed.

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