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There is more to reselling Ethernet than a fancy quoting tool. We provide all the facilities you need to quote, deliver and manage Ethernet circuits across the UK.

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Instant & accurate wholesale pricing

Generate instant and accurate quotes across 7 carriers online or through our API.

  • Single circuits up to 10Gb
  • Point-to-point circuits
  • Resilient leased lines
  • Failover options

We make it easy for you to apply your margins, and even generate branded PDF quotes, within seconds.


Pre-sales infrastructure checks

What we deliver pre-sales goes beyond a nice quoting experience. We provide privileged access to Openreach, Colt and CityFibre data to better understand where there is delivered infrastructure and circuits. Armed with this data you can start to make clearer decisions on what fibre carrier to use to achieve the quickest, cost effective and potentially resilient solution.

Infrastructure Maps


Control panel based ordering

All orders are submitted online via our control panel after quoting. This ensures we can capture all the details we need from you to aid with surveys and delivery. There are no Excel sheets to complete or forms to sign. We make the process of ordering and tracking as slick and as open as possible to avoid delays or frustrations.


Keeping you informed at every step

During delivery we do our best to not only keep you informed of progress, but we have designed our systems to ensure you should never feel the need to chase us for when the next update will be appearing. Our provisioning team are constantly monitoring progress and should timescales for updates slip we will already be on to the reseller looking to correct this and supply you more details of progress. As part of the delivery process we offer:

  • Full order history updates (email and online)
  • Graphical statistics showing where delays have occurred
  • Collection of delivery details for routers
  • Collection of IP requirements
  • Visibility of IP addresses in advance of handover


In service visibility & control

In-life we have a wide range of controls and facilities over the connection. These include:

  • Uptime logs (based on our monitoring)
  • Bandwidth utilisation graphs
  • IP Address management
  • Speed test results
  • Associated incidents from the carrier
  • Router management
  • Fault Reporting & Tracking
  • Renewal management
  • Cease functions
  • EFM, EoFTTC & Fibre
  • Point-to-Point & Internet Access
  • 7 Carriers To Choose
  • Wholesale Pricing, No Commitments
  • Set Your Retail Pricing
  • Speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Free Managed Routers
  • Promote Your Brand, Not Ours
  • Support & Manage Your Customers
  • 24 Hour Emergency Support & SLA
  • UK-Wide Coverage

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We don't charge a subscription fee to access our Leased Line Reseller platform, the caveat being that you need to be in a position to place your first order before we will accept your application. To access our quoting facilities, please request additional information from us where you will be provided access to the quoting tool with live pricing.

Leased Line Reseller
Requires Ethernet Order To Join
- - -
Telecoms Reseller £20 £55 £200
Linux Hosting Reseller £20 £55 £200
Windows Hosting Reseller £20 £55 £200
Enterprise (All-In-One) Reseller £50 £137.50 £500

NOTE: All prices exclude VAT.

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To best demonstrate the power of our Leased Line Reseller platform here are a summary of pages you may like to read through to best understand the facilities at your disposal.

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