Wholesale Broadband & Leased Line Management


To aid quoting and understanding product availability we have a selection of pre-sales tools to check on individual circuits / lines or in bulk.

All orders are submitted via the Control Panel or API in complete automation. Around the clock you can submit orders in confidence that they are progressing with the respective carriers with real-time alerts should a problem arise.

All orders can be viewed through the Control Panel. We share as much information as we receive from carriers to allow you to keep an eye on progress.

In-Life Management
Once live, a large portfolio of controls become available for you to see real-time information. This includes, but not limited to RADIUS logs, sessions, usage statistics, controls over IP management and the ability to run real-time diagnostics and log faults.

Leased Line

Our quoting tools go beyond supplying you a wholesale price. They can aid you in tariff management allowing you to see a retail price, and provide mapping tools to provide estimates on any construction charges or delivery challenges.

All orders are place in the Control Panel in complete automation. Once placed they can be viewed and interacted with via the panel.

All updates can be seen through the Control Panel. We break each order into a set of visible milestones making it easy to assess where you are at. We proactively chase orders and keep you informed of progress at every stage so you know we're working to achieve a speedy delivery. Statistics showing order progress and where delays have occurred are also shared for transparency.

In-Life Management
Once delivered a circuit can be managed through the Control Panel. This includes visibility of uptime, receiving monitoring alerts, details of planned engineering or major outages, applications for modifications to the speed and / or IP addresses, and for the purpose of fault raising and tracking.

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