Itemised Billing

Simplifying Telecom Billing

Provided as standard, for our VoIP and WLR3 solutions, are itemised billing facilities. These feed from the rates you set in your tariffs, and allow both the reseller and end user the ability to track expenditure. As a reseller you can see both wholesale rates, and how they appear with your tariff applied. As an end user, their portal provides visibility of retail prices only. This has significance for our resellers, and it can negate the need for expensive 3rd party billing platforms to recreate the same thing.

VoIP users can see there calls expenditure in real-time, and WLR3 users can access daily updates. This can be helpful in combating fraud, as well as keeping a track on expenses. Our control panels show resellers clearly what needs to be charged to a customer monthly, without the need to print or manually shared itemised records, they are simply available for review online at any time along with insightful statistics and powerful search tools.

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