One Touch Switching

The ONLY Wholesale Connectivity Provider with Full Support for One Touch Switching

Get Ready for One Touch Switching

Optional on the ICUK Reseller Platform

One Touch Switching is poised to revolutionise the UK broadband and telecoms sector, launching 12th September 2024. As an ICUK Reseller Partner, you can seamlessly integrate into the One Touch Switching process, eliminating the necessity of engaging a third-party provider.

At the heart of this innovation lies the principle of empowering the gaining provider, the end user's new service provider, to oversee the entire switching procedure in collaboration with the losing provider, the customer's current service provider.

ICUK is the ONLY wholesale platform that is registered as a TOTSCO Fully Managed Access Provider. We handle all the onboarding for you, or you can transfer from your existing MAP or direct integration to us.

Intergrated fully within our Control Panel, we can handle inventories, contract obligation, message responses including for third party providers, so you don't have to move everything to us.

We operate on a fair pricing model. We simply pass on TOTSCO's One Touch Switching wholesale fees, with no extra charge if the customer has all their services with us. For customers with services held with a third party provider, we operate on a tierd model based on the number of customers you have.

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