Proud to be a Little Bit Different

You may have already noticed this is a fairly detailed website, so please take your time to go through what we can offer. Despite all the information provided here, it is almost certain you will have many questions relating to your particular circumstances and we are very much ready to help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch; you won't be bombarded by a sales pitch, we are all technically rather than commercially focused. No member of our team works on commission or bonuses, we are just driven to continue developing the best reseller platform in the industry, letting you concentrate on growing your business.

Contacting ICUK

Operating a little differently

If you have already called us you may have noticed your call wasn't answered by an automated phone system - instead your call was answered within just a few rings, and it was answered by a technically trained human based at our head office, not a sales person.

If you have already emailed us, you may have noticed we don't have personal email addresses, just generic ones. This ensures your email is seen by everyone that needs to see it, so regardless if a member of staff is on lunch, holiday or in a meeting your email is being picked up and responded to without excuse.

All of our founding directors have an active role in the day-to-day running of the business. They're often seen working with the support and development teams, replying to emails and answering calls, ensuring ICUK never becomes removed from the most important element of our business... YOU.

This is just the very beginning of what makes us a little bit different, hopefully you will see more of this as you grow with us.

We've Got The T-Shirt

ICUK Started as a Reseller in 2001

We started out as a reseller of other companies, just like you. We began by selling dial-up minutes (which gives you an idea of our age) through a company called CIX. As the years went on, we expanded into web hosting, broadband and telecoms, but the one thing that remained constant were our frustrations with our suppliers; Suppliers would often claim to be ‘white label’, but were far from it. They required huge deposits or minimum spend commitments just to offer you competitive wholesale rates, and their limited software platforms would often hinder our support efforts rather than aid it.

Realising the only way to combat these challenges and provide the service we wanted our customers to experience was to become a channel provider ourselves. We invested heavily, enabling us to build our own network, work directly with Openreach and BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business and other carriers to build a reseller base of our own. We were determined not to repeat any of the mistakes which had driven us to take this decision. This led us to building our own web based control panel, rather than use off-the-shelf third party software, and work with a non-sales approach, focusing on technical support and development. Our development and support teams currently make up 90% of our staff.

We now have in excess of 800 resellers of our own, who sell telecoms, connectivity and web hosting. Our unique position as an ex-reseller means we understand your business in a completely different way and can offer advice and guidance based 100% on real-world situations and experience.

Brilliant White Label

Your Brand, Not Ours

One of our frustrations as a reseller was that products that claimed to be 'white label' plainly weren't. The last thing we wanted was for our customers to see someone else’s company name when they believed they were buying from us. So when we launched as our own network, we decided to create a system that would be truly white label.

Our panel allows you to apply your branding - not just in terms of being able to add your own logo, but to mirror the look and feel of your own website maintaining your clients' confidence in you. What's more, we've applied this principle to our add-on platforms such as the invoicing platform and our Ethernet leased line quoting tool. When generating your bills or a quote for customers, your logo will be added to the document. Your customer sees you, and only you!

No Pressure

Take Your Time

Unlike other reseller providers, we don't impose growth targets on your business. We recognise that while some will hit the ground running, others will juggle the early days of a new business alongside other commitments and will take their time to grow and win customers. We deal with resellers of all sizes, from one man bands to multi-million pound companies. Grow at your own pace and ICUK will be here to support you whether you have 2 or 20,000 customers.

It should be noted that we don't pay commission payments to our staff. They are paid a salary to deliver the very highest standards of service in-line with our philosophies and ethics. They are not financially incentivised in the advice they provide, so you can feel confident that any guidance is relayed with the best of intentions.

Grow Your Business

Not Somebody Else's!

At ICUK we don't work on a commission based structure. The customers that you win are your customers, not ours, and will remain that way. You take responsibility for billing them, managing their accounts, faults or appointments, and setting their tariffs and contracts.

So should you choose to move your business somewhere else, you can take all your customers with you. This forces us to work hard to provide you with the ultimate in customer service and support.

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