Tariffs & Billing

Understanding Your Charges

Timely, precise invoicing with minimal ambiguity is crucial for any business, large or small. Our platform's core solutions are specifically crafted to guarantee clarity on what to charge, whom to charge, and when to charge. These features are standard and accessible across all our platforms and services.


Set Your Retails Prices

  • Available for ALL Our Services
  • Create an Unlimited Number of Tariffs, or Share Tariffs Across Customers
  • Select Margins to Set Your Retail Prices
  • Compare your Wholesale Cost with Retail Cost to Compare Margins
  • Aids Quoting Processes, as Well as In-Life Management

Asset Management

Quick and easy tariff to customer assignment

  • Associate Customers & Tariffs In-Life
  • Every Order you Olace you can Choose Your Customer & Tariff Assignment


How Much & Who To Charge Each Month

Whether offered individually or bundled, you have the option to review, on a per-customer basis, the charges applicable for the services rendered, considering the purchased product, consumption volume, and associated tariff. This provides a swift and straightforward reference to ensure alignment between the invoiced amount and the agreed-upon rates.

If the prospect of manually invoicing your customers doesn't fill you with joy, then we do have our Invoicing Platform bolt-on which feeds from these statements and your customer information to generate an invoice on your behalf and issue it in a fully automated manner.

CDR Files

Detailed Billing Data

Included as standard is access to Call Detail Record (CDR) files for both connectivity and telecommunication services. These files adhere to industry-standard formats, facilitating seamless reading and interpretation by any billing platform. Daily and monthly records are conveniently accessible for download either from our Control Panel or securely via FTP over SSL/TLS.

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