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Real-time Provisioning & Diagnostics



Visibility & Control

Manage a broadband connection and you'll have access to a suite of diagnostics and control putting you in the driving seat. This can be used to complete diagnostics, manage IP addresses, through to in-life modifications to the product purchased. You'll find a similar level of control across all our carrier and product offerings.


Real-time, Intrusive & Understandable Tools

We empower our resellers with access to the most powerful tools that as an ISP we have access to. We believe that our resellers care about their customer's connections and want to be in the driving seat and not wholly reliant on another party to complete tests or share data. There is nothing worse than having a customer connection down or underperforming and left feeling powerless, and that is why using these tools allow ICUK resellers to complete real-time intrusive tests to help establish why. You will not find another platform offering such a comprehensive and understandable set of diagnostics.


IP Address & Product Modifications

Managing IP addresses couldn't be easier. Assigning, growing, or shrinking ranges can be completed in seconds, and complimented with reverse DNS (PTR record) control. In a similar simplistic fashion modifications to the speed, cap, product or carrier can be completed with ease.

Leased Lines

Ethernet Quoting, Provisioning & Management

As a reseller you can access our wholesale prices for Ethernet circuits, through multiple carriers, within seconds. Our quoting tool isn't limited to providing you with a price, instead it allows you to set your retail prices and generate brandable PDF quotes ready to email to your clients. Quotes can be saved, reviewed, and used to place orders. Once placed you have access to a unique order tracking process designed to make sure ICUK is acts proactively and keeps you informed of progress at every stage. Visibility and control extends to live circuits where you can control IP address allocations, view bandwidth graphs and manage free monitoring alerts.