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Real-time provisioning and diagnostics


Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)

Automated Openreach WLR3 Provisioning & Management

We are fully integrated with Openreach to provide you with automated provisioning, management and fault control over your line rentals for PSTN, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines. We have worked hard to remove the complexities of Openreach's terminology or procedures, and designed an intuitive and simple interface allowing you to confidently management WLR3 lines even with minimal training. Below are a selection of screen shots showing an overview of the line rental management, changes to line features, placing an order, and tracking a raised fault.


Inclusive Itemised Call Billing Platform

Our Telecom Reseller customers don't need third party billing platforms to generate itemised calls. Inclusive within the reseller subscription are tools to generate itemised calls with the rates you have designed in your tariff, alongside powerful interrogation tools and graphical statistics; all of which can be shared to the end user in a paperless manner via the client control panel. To aid with credit control, and to avoid unwanted abuse, you can set credit warnings as well as auto-suspension limits on a per line basis providing alerts via email and SMS around the clock as standard.


Tools to Help You Secure Contracts

We have a large selection of pre-sale tools to ensure that you are able to understand a customer's telecoms estate and quote for it accurately and quickly. Our calculator tools for both calls and line rental allow you to instantly and accurately compare your charges against existing charges from other suppliers. We also provide access to powerful Openreach tools to understand existing installations and addresses. If you have clients who are set to move address, we have facilities which help you confirm whether number retention is a possibility.

Billing Management

Design & Manage Tariffs | Understand What to Invoice

We provide the facilities to design your retail tariffs for all of ICUK's services. Not only does this aid you in remembering what prices have been set for each service, but we can use this information to show you what you need to invoice your customers for each month.

We have provided a screen shot showing the initial stage of creating a call tariff whereby a fixed percentage is applied, along with the option of setting a connection charges. A secondary stage to the creation of a tariff allows you to tweak destinations one by one outside of the initial percentage mark-up selected.

Once orders have been placed, tariffs assigned, and the product bought into service, the control panel shows you very clearly for each customer the wholesale cost of the service, your retail price in accordance with the tariffs assigned, and what profits you have made. As a reseller it is your responsibility to invoice your customers and collect payment, this page simply aids you in this task, with further breakdowns available via the customer's own control panel login.

Outbound SMS

Send SMS Messages With Confidence

Our outbound SMS facilities allow you to send SMS messages with ease either via the reseller control panel or via our REST API. The originator, recipients, message and sending date / time can all be set either via the reseller interface or via the client interface.


Paperless Fax Solutions

Choose your own new fax number from thousands of UK area codes and millions of numbers, or alternatively look to port your existing number across. The email to fax solution allows you to send our systems emails, which will be inturn sent out as faxes. In terms of receiving, when a fax reaches your number it is converted into a PDF file and emailed across to the recipients you set. Help make your fax machine redundant saving money and helping the environment.