Unmetered LLU ADSL

Broadband without limits or traffic shaping


Unlimited Broadband

All you can eat ADSL2+ broadband connectivity

Cable & Wireless LLU Broadband
£25 £20.83 ex.VAT
  • Unlimited Monthly Downloads
  • Unlimited Monthly Uploads
  • 1 or 12 Month Contract Options
  • 1000+ unbundled exchanges across the UK

NOTE: Prices shown are monthly costs inclusive of VAT. Use our availability checker to confirm availability and estimated speeds.

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No Fair Usage Policies
No Fair Usage or Traffic Shaping

This product is truly unlimited with no fair usage policies, traffic shaping or port blocking. The agreements we have in place ensure that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

Who Are Cable & Wireless?
Who Are Cable & Wireless?

They are a partnered wholesale supplier who has investment millions in their own broadband network which bypasses large parts of BT Wholesale. The result is lower cost broadband and bandwidth which can be passed to you in the form of an unmetered service.

Speed Up to 24Mbps Downstream
Speed Up to 24Mbps Downstream

This is an ADSL 2+ Annex A broadband connection capable of delivering speeds of up to 24Mbps downstream and up to 1.3Mbps upstream. If you require faster connection speeds please consider our FTTC packages as the next step up.

1 or 12 Month Contract Options
1 or 12 Month Contract Options

We have two contract options available to you. By purchasing on a 1 month contract you have the flexibility to change or cancel with ease. With a 12 month contract we can supply you a free migration / activation order process.

Control Panel
Broadband Control Panel

Our broadband control panel provides you visibility and control over your connection. Login and you can not only manage your account from a billing perspective, but you can remotely take charge of your connection.

Usage Statistics
Usage Statistics

Our usage statistics are updated every 30 minutes. They can provide a valueable insight into how your connection is performing and how and when it is used. Whether you use this for home or business purposes the results can be very interesting.

SMTP Service
SMTP Service

Our SMTP service allows you to send emails via our servers. It can even be used on other ISP's and devices if authenticated with one of our free @icuknet.co.uk addresses.

5 Free @icuknet.co.uk Addresses
5 Free @icuknet.co.uk Addresses

You can setup up to 5 email addresses using our icuknet.co.uk domain name. Each POP3 mailbox can be accessed from your desktop or via webmail. They are complete with free virus and spam filtering.

UK Based Phone & Email Support
UK Based Phone & Email Support

All our support operates from our head office in South London. Phone calls are answered by trained and experienced staff who between them have handled 100,000's of broadband queries over the years. If you don't want to call, email in and the same team will reply to you regardless of the question.

Standard Prices

Activation & Migration Costs for ADSL

Activation Charges
ADSL Activation (1 month contract) £40 If you have a working phone line, but no broadband from another provider, then the activation fee is applicable. BT Wholesale charge to connect the connection. ICUK subsidises this price to lower it to this level.
ADSL Activation (12 month contract) FREE If you select a 12 month contract term we will activate the connection for free. In the event you need to break the contract then the activation cost applicable on a 1 month term will be invoiced to you.

Migration Charges
Migration (1 month contract) £40 If you wish to migrate the connection from another provider on a 1 month contract term, the cost to doing so is £40+VAT. This is to cover the cost of moving the broadband to new equipment in the exchange.
Migration (12 month contract) FREE Migrating the connection on a 12 month contract is free. We will cover the cost of the migration, however in the event you wish to break contract we will invoice you for the cost you didn't pay by selecting the longer term.

Modify Charges
Cease Charge £29 In the event you cease a broadband connection then Openreach apply this fee to remove broadband from a line. It is not applicable if you simply migrate to another provider. It is, however, applicable if you cease your phone line, or you wish to remove broadband completely off the line. ICUK does not profit from this charge, we simply pass it across at cost.