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Customer Control Panel

One Control Panel Allowing Your Customer to Manage Multiple Services

The Customer Control Panel is a ground breaking concept in the reseller market place. The majority of platforms deliver a single control panel for a single product. This can leave the client with countless logins, each with its own look and feel, adding confusion as to what company they are dealing with, or where to access information. Our resellers don't need to replicate this with their customers, instead they can associate multiple broadband, telecom and web hosting facilities to a customer. The end user only ever need referenc a single login to access all of their facilities - presented in a portal branded by the reseller.

Single Web Interface Concept
Single Web Interface Concept

Forget multiple client control panel login credentials, different web interfaces each with their own styles, and complicated navigation! Our Customer Control Panel not only simplifies what the end user interacts with, it presents your company in the best possible light with a professional, clean and brandable interface which mimics your website design.

Assign Hosting + Broadband + Telecoms
Assign Hosting + Broadband + Telecoms

Even the very largest companies in our industries fail to deliver single comprehensive portals covering all their services. Our control panel doesn't replicate this, and the result being you can sell hosting, broadband and telecoms to your customers, and no matter how many they purchase, it's only a single interface housing them all!

No Additional Cost
No Additional Cost

You can create an unlimited number of control panel logins without additional cost. Likewise you can choose to rebrand without cost. We want you to use our unique control panels with your clients because they can help make the difference between yourself and another competitor by adding a tangible aspect to services which can seem quite intangible to many.

Professional Appearance
Professional Appearance

Using a powerful HTML template, combined with your own style sheet, and images, you can apply a customised appearance to your control panel that separates you from others. We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure you can present a professional and established appearance to your customers, where they can enjoy seamless branding from your site into the control panel.

Impersonate Users
Impersonate Users

To give you the best chance of supporting your clients we have developed a facility allowing you to see the control panel interface as they do. This impersonation tool allows you to access their control panel through your reseller interface without the need to know their login credentials. Guiding someone through features and tasks has never been so easy.

Need to Restrict Access?
Need to Restrict Access?

If you feel that this control panel will give too much control and visibility to a customer, then why not consider our 'Customer Plus ' control panel. Supplied as standard, and without additional charge, you can set permissions as to what your client can actually see and interact with. If you don't grant permission, then icons don't appear, so they don't feel that they're not getting something they could.


ADSL & FTTx Visibility & Control

Our control panels have been designed to allow your clients to view and interact with multiple broadband connections. This allows them to have visibility of the service and see information relating to it. They can't make service affecting changes, such as ceasing a circuit or changing their product, but can interact with basic information feeds.


Providing Your Customers With Visibility of Their Lines & Calls

Our telecom facilities ensure that both you and your clients can operate in a paperless manner. This helps ensure that costs remain low and to help the environment. We also recognise that online billing can be far more powerful than a paper based solution; All phone calls are full itemised (not just a summary), but what's more is that we update them every 24 hours. This can be helpful for to both residential and business clients who try to keep a track on cost.

To help you understand your calls we have two powerful solutions available at no additional cost. The first is our graphical call statics, summarising your calls on a month by month basis. Since implementation several clients have been able to immediately spot areas where costs can be reduced, as well as abuse (eg calls to premium rate numbers). The second solution is an interrogation tool which can pull together specific from months of phone bills in seconds. Achieving the same using paper bills could take hours if not days!

Outbound SMS

Pre-Paid SMS Facilities for Your Clients

The outbound SMS facilities allow clients to send individual or bulk messages to friends of colleagues. Popular applications for this service relate to reminders (eg your dentist appointment is confirmed as 10th March at 16:00), or direct marketing (eg please visit our website to view our latest sales discounts). Clients can fully manage their SMS facilities through this control panel without the need to rely on your input.

The SMS facilities are controlled using credits - a client cannot send more messages than they have purchased credits which are assigned by the reseller. The credits history page confirms when credits have been applied.


Fax to Email & Email to Fax Solutions

The fax facilities the control panel provides grants your customers access to set who can receive and send faxes. Likewise, they can view and manage credit allocations for sending. Any changes made are instantly applied ensuring client reliance on yourselves is kept to a minimum. Empowering your clients helps save you time and money.

Web Hosting

View & Manage Hosting and Email Facilities

Our Customer Control Panel allows your clients to view and interact with multiple hosting accounts through this single interface. These hosting accounts can either be held on the shared Windows or Linux platforms, or they may even be accounts on a dedicated server enabled with our unique control panel interface.

Domains & DNS

Managing Domains & Associated DNS Records

Customers can view all the domains associated with their hosting accounts. Beside each domain easy links to view and manage the DNS records associated with it. Facilities giving them the ability to delete or transfer away a domain are restricted to the reseller control panel, or Customer Plus portals (if permission is granted).

Spam & Virus Filtering

Providing Automated Control Over Spam and Virus Filtering Bolt-on

Clients can view and manage spam filtering associated either to a hosting account, or the stand alone external spam filter. Viewing the current settings, changing sensitivity levels, managing black and white lists, as well as account specific graphical statistics are all possible online.


Helpful Features for Clients

There are a few nice features your clients can use in addition to managing any accounts they have purchased from you. For example, they can update their contact and billing details. These are purely for your reference and will have a bigger role to play in future releases of the control panel.

Our service status is the same that you can access as a reseller through your control panel. It shows a simplified version of our services. Any known or planned outages are detailed in a generic fashion.

The help files shown to a customer are applicable to the services they have been assigned. If they only have a Linux hosting plan then telecom files wouldn't be shown, for example. They have been designed to be as simple and easy to understand as possible and should help cut a lot of basic questions that customers may need the answer to. Should they need to ask a question they can of course email you, or they can use the support request form. Any queries are sent to you as an email.

Invoicing Platform

If Enabled, Your Customers Can Access Their Invoices Online

If you have choosen to adopt our bolt-on invoicing platform you can include additional links into the Customer Control Panel allowing clients to access and download their invoices from yourselves. This can help you operate in a paperless manner and provide instant access to confirm to the client what is outstanding.